Las Vegas Strip Urgent Care

  • In room hotel visit from the doctor on call
  • Direct telephone access to a doctor for the duration of your stay
  • Reimbursed by most insurance companies
  • We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express
  • Charges are comparable to local clinics, and for less than non-emergency visits to the hospital.
  • Triage or referral to the nearest hospital emergency facility if needed

Las Vegas Strip Urgent Care Hours and Services

Our Las Vegas Urgent Care Doctors treat each patient
with individualized attention.

Our Las Vegas urgent care physicians treat each patient with individualized attention. We are a team of 24 hour Las Vegas doctors, who provide Las Vegas urgent care. We come to your hotel room, providing you peace of mind and privacy. We have been serving Las Vegas tourist since 1995, we bring exceptional care from the doctor’s office to you.

We operate all over the entire Las Vegas valley including all major casino hotels.

Since 1995 we have been serving hotel guests with in-room consultations. Over the last 2 decades we have serviced almost all of the major hotels and resorts in Las Vegas and work closely with hotel concierges and guest services. We have ensured Las Vegas hotel guests enjoy their vacation, conferences, or important event with minimal health care cost. We also provide a follow-up telephone call within 48 hours to check on your condition as well as monitor symptoms until you can visit your regular family physician.

Whether you are a Las Vegas local looking for immediate treatment in the middle of the night or a tourist looking to enjoy the rest of your stay, our team of 24 Hour Las Vegas Urgent Care doctors are your source for immediate attention.

24 Hour On Call Hotel Services.

Our Services

Corporate Services

Direct and indirect costs associated with unplanned absences account for an estimated 15% of a company’s payroll. Bring medical assistance straight to your employees in the office or during out of town seminars. The 24 Hour Las Vegas Urgent Care Doctor team offers custom corporate services to provide medical care for you or your employees living in, working in, or visiting the Las Vegas area.

Don’t put off an important meeting or delay a flight, we provide medical treatment in the comfort of your employee’s office, house or hotel, and make sure that they get back on the road to recovery.

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