24 Hour Free Doctor Hotline

24 hour free doctor hotline

24 Hour Free Doctor Hotline

Doctor standing by – direct in room hotel visits within 1 hour.

Are you looking for immediate medical care. Skip the receptionist and/or automated answering machine and speak to a doctor directly. No waiting in crowded clinics.

Our 24 hour free doctor hotline can discuss:

  • Your current illness and symptoms
  • Medications and side effects
  • Self-care home treatments
  • References to specialists or hospitals as needed
  • Wellness information

Our doctors are American Trained in primary care, internal medicine and family practice. They can also help you with preventative medicine or serve as health wellness coaches and advocates.

We can usually see you within the hour. We are able to treat most illnesses including:

  • Acute illness, Headaches, Sore Throats, and Flu Symptoms
  • Allergies, Infections, Strep Throat Analysis
  • Bronchitis, Pneuomnia, COPD
  • High Blood Pressure, Diabetes
  • Sleeplessness, Anxiety, Stress, Depression
  • STD Evaluation and Treatment
  • Insect and Animal Bites
  • Minor Burns, Acne
  • Preventative medicine
  • Weight loss and health care wellness advocate
  • and so much more.

24 hour free doctor hotline. Call us today at (702) 677-2644

If you wish to contact us by email please use the contact form below. We will respond within 72 hours. Thank you.