Face mask while travelling

You’ve probably heard about coronavirus… it’s the new virus that has everyone freaked out and running out to buy protective masks. While masks can be a good tool in protecting yourself from illness, there are other measures and precautions you can take to prevent coronavirus and other viruses.

Coronavirus originated in China in the winter of 2019. It has become a widespread issue in China, and recently it has become more widespread in Iran, Italy, Japan, and South Korea. There are a few confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States, but currently, the risk of contracting coronavirus is still low in the U.S.

The best thing to do to protect yourself from coronavirus and other viruses is to follow the precautionary measures listed below:

Wash Your Hands

This might seem pretty obvious, but you should wash your hands more frequently to prevent coronavirus. The virus can be spread through touching infected surfaces and then bringing your hands to your mouth, nose, or eyes. Make sure you wash your hands frequently with hot water and soap when you’re out in public or carry hand sanitizer with you. Try to avoid touching your mouth and nose as much as possible.

Avoid Public Places

It’s probably unlikely that you’ll be able to avoid all public places for the next few months, but you may want to cut back on visiting public places with large gatherings if you’re worried about getting coronavirus. Those with weakened or compromised immune systems are the most at risk of getting the virus. If you don’t need to go somewhere, it’s probably best to stay home. If you are going out in public, follow the first tip and wash your hands frequently or carry hand sanitizer with you.

Clean and Disinfect Your Home & Things

One of the ways coronavirus and other viruses spread is through contact surfaces like countertops, tables, phones, desks, computers, etc. Any surface that a sick person recently touched could pass on the virus to the next person who touches it. You can prevent the spread of viruses by wiping down any areas in your home or office that are frequently touched by others. If you’re out in public, sanitize your hands after touching anything.