FAQs – Urgent Care Near the Las Vegas Strip

How does the Las Vegas Strip Urgent Care differ from traditional Urgent Cares? How much does it cost?

Our services vary in cost however are competitive with the cost of urgent cares. To get detailed information please contact the doctor directly at (702) 677-2644

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash and major credit cards.

Is there an annual or monthly fee?

This is a fee for service however the doctor will provide a complete medical report with diagnosis, treatment, and billing information, which you can submit to your insurance for out of network reimbursement.

Is this similar to concierge medicine?

This is similar to concierge medicine however we do not have an annual or participation fee. Our service is open to all tourist, visitors, convention attendees and Las Vegas residents.

Do you accept Health Insurance or Medicare?

This is a fee for service however the doctor will provide a complete medical report with diagnosis, treatment, and billing information, which you can submit to your insurance for out of network reimbursement.

What type of illnesses do you treat?

Our physicians will treat most all basic primary care medical problems that would be treated at an Urgent Care clinic including gastrointestinal, respititory, and common orthopedic injuries.

If I am experiencing an emergency, should I call the Las Vegas Strip Urgent Care?

If you are experiencing an emergency call 9-1-1 or contact security at the hotel at which you are staying. If you are unsure of the severity of your illness and you wish to seek advice from a doctor you may call us and we will advise you as to the most appropriate treatment setting.

How long does it take to see an Urgent Care doctor?

Our doctors in most cases can set an appointment at your home or hotel within an hour.

When I call (702) 677-2644 will I talk to a receptionist or the doctor?

You will always speak to the doctor directly. The physician will as your question about your illness and the best method of treatment.

Who uses the Las Vegas Strip Urgent Care?

This service is available to all tourist, visitors, and convention attendees. This service is also used by residents of Las Vegas who choose to avoid long waits.

Do you provide primary care to my home, hotel or office?

Yes, our doctors can see you at any setting, home, hotel or office, any time of day.

Can you treat patients of all ages?

Our physicians are trained in Internal Medicine, Family Practice and Primary Care. We are not pediatricians per se. Generally, we feel comfortable seeing children 10 or older. If you are unable to find a pediatrician, we can fast track triage you to a pediatrician in Las Vegas.

What if the physician decides my illness requires additional testing or treatment?

If the physician decides your condition requires additional testing or treatment, we have the ability to refer you to a facility for x-rays, lab tests or more comprehensive medical evaluation at the hospital emergency room.

What geographical areas do you operate in?

We service the greater Las Vegas area.

What happens if I need to be admitted to the hospital?

Our physicians work closely with several hospitals in the Las Vegas area, many times we can triage or fast track you to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Do you provide medication or antibiotics?

After our initial evaluation, we call in your medication right from your room to minimize the wait time to treatment. Most local pharmacies will deliver your medication directly to your room 24 hours a day.

Can you draw labs or take x-rays?

If after the initial telephone consultation it is determined that you require an x-ray, in most cases, you would be triaged to the nearest hospital emergency room. Any lab or blood work can be done at any of the quest diagnostic facilities through the city.

What if I need a specialist?

If after our initial consultation, a specialist is needed such as a dentist, eye doctor or other medical specialists. The physician on call will refer you to the medical specialist.

Do you provide primary care to the home-bound and elderly as their primary care provider?

We subscribe to the federal standards of patient-physician confidentiality.

Is there a 24 hour urgent care Las Vegas?

Yes, we are a 24 hour urgent care service. We come to your hotel, office, or home to provide you urgent care. We also offer a triage service if X-rays or lab testing is necessary.

Do I need an appointment for your urgent care service?

No, please call us and we can see you same day, usually within the hour. Call us now at 702-677-2644

Can you get a referral from your urgent care service?

In certain circumstances, we may provide a referral, but we recommend seeing your regular physician for a referral.

Are you more expensive than a doctor visit?

Typically, our urgent care services are less expensive than visiting a doctor without insurance. The costs can vary depending on your insurance however. Call us now for free to discuss your options.

When Should I Go to the Urgent Care?

It’s best to seek treatment immediately after an accident or as soon as you start to feel sick or unusual. Taking action early can help reduce your recovery time.

What are the most common conditions you treat?

The most common reasons to visit urgent care are a urinary tract infection, allergies and asthma, pink eye, mono, flu, and the common cold. Most conditions can be treated through urgent care, but if you’re experiencing a medical emergency we recommend calling 911.

Are Urgent Care Locations Open 24 Hours A Day?

Our urgent care services are open 24/7 and we will come to you at your hotel room. We also offer free 24-hour telephone hotline services.

Can I just walk into urgent care?

While you can walk into other urgent care facilities, we’ll come to you! We offer the most convenient way to get urgent care in Las Vegas from a American Trained Physician