Rarely does a tourist need to ask where to get a shot of Jim Beam. But what about penicillin? In a city whose reputation for partying far overshadows that of medical attention, Joe and Jane tourist are left in a bit of a quandary when the shingles flare up or the cocktail flu just won’t seem to shake.

In these days of luxury travel and concierge services, a trip to an unfamiliar hospital or doctor just isn’t in the average visitor’s itinerary. And thanks to the medical services offered by Dr. Cary Logan’s medical practice, it doesn’t have to be.

Fifteen years ago, Dr. Logan visited Las Vegas and saw opportunity, and not just the gambling/growth/employment opportunity that so many have seen. As Treasure Island and the Mirage were being built towards the sky, Logan saw his career heading in the same direction. With all of these giant casinos and hotels going up like mini-cities, bringing tourists from around the world, they’d need the same services offered in a municipality. They had the entertainment and food realms covered, but medical care was lacking within the behemoth structures. Back then, says Logan, the hotels would refer guests to hospital emergency rooms, but lacked the kind of service that guests had come to expect from Las Vegas–the 24/7, at-your-door hospitality.

“When people are sick they want, at this stage of vacation and travel, to have some kind of option, to have the hotel provide them with something other than telling them to go to the emergency room or go to the clinic and wait for eight hours,” says Dr. Logan.

So he began a 24 hour Las Vegas urgent care practice, a concierge-style medical service with Doctors on call all hours of the day and night. Guests simply phone the doctor 24/7 and within minutes a doctor will be tending to their needs, talking to them over the phone about their ailments. After discussing the medical ailment over the phone, the doctor can recommend a visitor or another action. When needed, the doctor on-call will visit guests in their room within an hour, give them a full exam and, should they need a prescription, call in to a 24 hour pharmacy that will also deliver. About 80% of the time Dr. Logan says the issue can be handled outside of the emergency room, which helps with ER crowding and delivers the patient a relaxed and more comfortable experience. If after consulting with the patient over the phone, the doctor feels the issue requires additional medical attention, Dr. Logan can triage you to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Dr. Logan sees patients from all over the world. Generally the problems include, gastrointestinal problems, respiratory illnesses, allergic reactions and empty prescriptions.

“Basically we treat the everyday outpatient medical problems you see in a clinic.”