poker booksMany people come to Las Vegas for entertainment but a significant percentage of people come to gamble (8%). This according to the Las Vegas Convention Authorities 2012 Las Vegas Visitor Profile. Not everyone has to be a loser and with some basic strategy every casino game can become a winnable game. The Gamblers Book Club inside the Gamblers General Store (800 S. Main St) is a gaming and gambling institution with over 3,000 gambling and poker books. A Las Vegas treasure, the Gamblers Book Club has been in business since 1964 making it one of the oldest book stores in Las Vegas.

Their store is the go to place for winning strategies on the most popular casino games including Poker, Blackjack, Slot Machines and Craps.

Many people don’t learn the mathematics or what bets are the best bets when hitting the tables. This could cost you thousands in lost bets.  Something as simple as understanding basic strategy could lower the casino’s edge. Books start at $0.99 so what are you waiting for? If you are already in Las Vegas, make the Gamblers Book Club on Main St. one of your first destinations before you hit the casino’s.

Not many businesses can say that spending $0.99 on their product can save you hundreds or even make you money!

Most popular Poker Books

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What are some of the most popular gambling and poker books? We asked one of the veteran employee’s, Felipe Gonzales, what some of the top gambling books available on various games and here is what he said.


With the explosion of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) we asked what are the most popular Poker games in casino’s and the books that could help you play longer at the tables or walk away a winner.

“Texas Hold’em is still the most popular form of poker, some great books on playing cash games are anything by Ed Miller. If you are completely new to poker, Avery Cardoza’s Crash Course in Texas Hold’em covers all the common varieties of poker and some basic strategy”

To really dominate the tables you need more than one book.  The best poker players are well rounded and focus on the fundamentals of the game. Here are some recommendations for specific parts of your game.


Craps is another popular casino game. Many poker players and gamblers love hitting the craps table for its fast action and energy. Craps strategies have been around for decades with one of the best books available on the subject being the newly released Dice Doctor by Sam Grafstein. This underground classic, written in easy to understand language by a craps player for a craps player—not a theorist or mathematician—includes some of the most profitable craps advice ever put into print. You’ll learn professional plays and sane money management strategy, honed from 60 years at the table.


Blackjack is one of the easiest games to learn. It is remains one of the most popular casino games due to its simple rules. Some of the greatest blackjack authors have roamed the aisles of the Gamblers Book Club. Great blackjack authors include Ken Uston, Stanford Wong, Arnold Snyder and Lance Humble. The Gamblers Book Club carries all of their titles. Here are some recommendations.

The Gamblers Book Club has books on all categories including probability, mafia, roulette and chess. The titles and savings are endless. The Gamblers Book Club has recently moved downtown and occupies an even larger space. Check them out and pick up a book today!