What is a concierge doctor or concierge medicine? Concierge medicine is becoming a much more efficient way to receive high quality, personalized primary care. Most of us have felt the frustration of spending hours in a doctor’s office waiting room or worse, not seeing a doctor for weeks or even months. Some patients prefer to avoid this hassle and pay an annual fee or retainer, much like an attorney. This may or may not be in addition to other charges. In return, concierge doctors provide enhanced care with several benefits  including:

  • Fast track triage to hospitals
  • 24/7 Physician Availability
  • Home or Hotel Room Visits
  • Minimal Waits for Care

This type of primary care can also be referred to as membership medicine, concierge health care, concierge primary care, direct care, or direct practice medicine. Concierge doctors treat far fewer patients than a conventional medical practice. Annual fees vary widely from $100 a month up to thousands a month for advanced care. Most Concierge Doctors deal strictly in cash or credit opting to not deal with insurance reimbursement. However many concierge doctors provide full medical write up that can be sent to your health insurance company for reimbursement.

Concierge Medicine Controversy

The concept of concierge medicine has been accused of promoting a system that favors the wealthy by limiting the number of physicians to care for the whose who cannot afford care. It has also been accused of burdening the middle and lower class with a higher cost of insurance. Others argue that it meets consumer demand and allows physicians to provide quality care as they see necessary. By increasing the amount of time spent with their primary care doctor, a stronger relationship is built which can focus more on preventative medicine rather that reactive medicine.

Why choose the Las Vegas Strip Urgent Care, a concierge doctor?

Unlike traditional concierge doctors, our service is unique that there is no annual fee. Most people cannot afford the annual fee for a concierge doctor. Our service is available to all residents, tourist, and visitors to Nevada. We believe everyone should have access to high quality health care. After you see one of our physicians you will be given immediate access for future questions. Better yet, your physician will call you after your visit to inquire on your condition, continuing your care even after your stay in Las Vegas had ended.

Financial Benefits of Las Vegas Strip Urgent Care

Being able to pick up the phone and speak to a doctor immediately is a tremendous financial advantage. Many of our patients call us regarding gastrointestinal issues, nausea, and vomiting. Our American trained physicians are trained to treat your ailments and identify serious conditions over the phone and recommend appropriate action. We always advise if you feel your life is in jeopardy to dial 911 however many of our patients benefit from our unique service.