Upset stomach is one of the most common complaints among travelers sometimes it begins on the plane, even before they get to their destinations. If you are a frequent traveler it is possible that you know just how uncomfortable and sometimes painful it can be. For those who are planning to visit another country soon, there are certain things that you can do to minimize your chances of getting an upset stomach while you are there:

Start eating right a few days before you take off. This, of course, is for those who haven’t been paying much attention to what they eat. Load up on healthy foods and avoid a greasy diet it promotes the chances of diarrhea.

Try as much as you can to get some sleep on the plane. One of the reasons for an upset stomach soon after people land is jetlag. It upsets the bodys circadian rhythm and your digestive system, not being sure what to do, can give you trouble. In addition to that, once you land you should rest for at least 24 hours before you go out.

Watch what you eat. A lot of people get diarrhea from food. Fruits and vegetables are the biggest culprits they are often not washed right. If you really mist eat them buy some, take them to your room and clean them yourself before you eat them. You should eat food that is thoroughly cooked. If you can avoid it, dont eat from a buffet so many people handle the food in the kitchen and others bend over it while serving themselves. Eat from a menu instead.

Water is also dangerous there are a lot of locations where it is hard to find clean tap water. As a traveler, you should have money set aside to buy water. As much as you can buy international brands that are well known such as Dasani. Watch out ice cubes are dangerous too. They could be made out of contaminated water, or they could be contaminated in the dispenser.

Your regular bar drinks may also present a problem if they come with fruit such as lemon in them. Ask the bartender to hold lemons, olives and anything else that may be contaminated.

Market food is always tempting but it can leave you very sick. Before you venture into any market make sure that you have had something to eat so that you are not tempted. If you really must eat something the fried variety is always best the hot, boiling fat is likely to have killed off any germs.

If you should get an upset stomach, you should seek out a nearby pharmacy and buy some over the counter medication it usually works. If it is a regular upset stomach you should take the meds and drink a lot of water you will be fine in a few hours. If you feel worse you should see a doctor.

These tips should help you avoid an upset stomach in your upcoming travels.