There’s nothing worse than experiencing frequent migraines. The pain in your head brings you to a standstill and you feel like you can barely function. If you have been experiencing frequent migraines, thankfully there are many solutions and approaches you can take to finding relief from your migraines.

Block Out the Light

When you are experiencing a migraine, light will only make it worse. You’ll want to find a dark spot and maybe slip on some sunglasses until your migraine goes away. If you can go somewhere without too many people, this is best. A level of sensory deprivation is beneficial when getting rid of a migraine.

Reduce Sound

Just as light can be aggravating to a migraine, so can sound. If you’re able to find a quiet space to relax in, your migraine will probably go away quicker. Make sure to stay away from too much chatter or music. Try to find somewhere to isolate yourself and rest in the quiet.

Use Essential Oils

Some migraines are trigged by certain harsh smells such as perfume or cleaning supplies, but certain smells like lavender or peppermint essential oil may actually improve symptoms of your migraine. Take deep breaths and allow the aromatherapy to wash over you.

Try Acupressure or Acupuncture

Many people swear by these methods for relieving migraines. Certain parts of the body when pressed or pierced in a therapeutic way are related to the head and can relieve migraine pain. Many insurances will even cover these treatments.

Take a Shower

For some people, taking a hot shower can help to relieve a migraine. The steam and heat of the shower helps to loosen up tight muscles in the head and relax you. Additionally, the change in temperature can help to alleviate pain.

Migraine treatment is not a “one case fits all” situation, so try many different things and find what works for you. If you are experiencing frequent or very server migraines, be sure to consult a doctor.