Shoulder Pain

Our shoulders are one of our biggest and most overworked muscles in our body. Many people tend to hold a lot of tension and stress in their shoulders, which can lead to pain, tenderness, and stiff muscles. There are several approaches to relieve shoulder pain depending on the severity of your pain. Here are a few of the ways you can relieve shoulder pain.

Get A Massage

Getting a professional massage is often one of the best ways to reduce shoulder pain, especially if the pain is caused from tension and stress. The muscles in our shoulders can get very tense and knotted, so having the muscles professional massaged helps to relieve the tension.

Put Ice On It

Shoulder pain is often caused by inflammation, and ice is a great way to reduce inflammation. The ice slowly draws blood flow to the area of pain, which will help the shoulder to feel relief. There are creams that you can buy that have similar affects to icing the muscle.

Relieve Stress

Stress can often be the cause of shoulder pain, and even if it isn’t the cause it will exacerbate the issue, so reducing stress is an important step to relieving any type of shoulder pain. Go for a nature walk, take time for yourself, or do any healthy stress-relieving activity.

Stretch and Strengthen

Stretching and strengthening muscles is an important part of keeping them in shape. Yoga is actually a great activity for doing both of these things. There are certain yoga poses that you can do that will both stretch and build muscle around your shoulders. Building muscle will help to prevent future shoulder injuries and stretching the shoulder out will help to relieve inflammation and tension.

If you feel that your shoulder pain is getting worse instead of better, it’s important to see a doctor. Addressing the cause of the pain is always first step to feeling better.