If you’re experiencing back pain, you might be wondering what caused it and flat out just wondering “Why does my back hurt?”. Back pain is actually one of the most common issues that people visit a doctor for. Most people experience back pain at least once in their lives, and there are different severities of back pain.


Some symptoms of back pain are muscle ache, stabbing pain, loss in range of motion, stiffness, and irritability. Many of these symptoms will decrease over time with proper rest and care of the back, but depending on the cause of the pain it could lead to problems that are more severe. You should see a doctor if your back pain is severe and doesn’t seem to be improving, or if you are also experiencing pain or numbness in your legs.

Man bent over holding his back in pain

Back Pain can be seriously debilitating


A common cause of back pain is heavy lifting or a strain on the ligaments and muscles in your back. If you try to lift something that is too heavy for you to comfortably pick up, it may cause a strain on your back muscles. Another common cause of back pain is a bulging or ruptured disk. This can happen from contact sports, improperly twisting the spine, or excessively lifting or bending over. It’s not uncommon to wonder what caused your back pain. As back pain typically doesn’t occur right away. A lot of the time you will begin to feel back pain hours after a strenuous activity.


Some things you can do to alleviate your back pain are standing, sitting, lifting, and exercising properly. Knowing the proper protocol to lift and exercise safely is important to ensuring a safe back. You can also build the strength and flexibility in your back by doing safe abdominal and back exercises. The more core strength you engage, the safer your back will be.