Sleeplessness is something many Americans have experienced and dealt with. However, chronic sleeplessness and insomnia may need to be treated by a doctor. Traveling can throw off your natural sleep cycle, causing you to experience insomnia, especially when you travel somewhere like Las Vegas where people have the tendency to stay up partying and playing late into the night. If you’ve gone through a drastic time change you are even more likely to experience traveler’s sleeplessness. Disrupting your body’s circadian rhythms can cause you to have difficulty falling asleep at night and even lead to a night with no sleep at all.

Some additional causes of insomnia that are typically associated with travel are eating too late, drinking alcohol, and too much exposure to technology. All three of these causes can be likely to happen on a vacation to Las Vegas, so if you find yourself sleepless in Sin City don’t be surprised.

The occasional sleepless night shouldn’t worry you too much. We all experience nights when it’s hard to sleep because we have a lot on our minds or are under a great deal of stress. The right time to see a doctor is when you find yourself not sleeping or having difficulty falling asleep for multiple nights in a row.

Some factors that might put you at a greater risk of insomnia are being a woman, being over 60 years old, having a mental or physical health condition, and not being on a regular schedule. All of these things could play a role in your inability to sleep.

It is important to properly treat insomnia when it becomes an issue because it can lead to difficulty performing tasks throughout the day, slowed reactions, depression and anxiety, and increased risk for other diseases such as heart disease. Sleep is an essential function for our bodies to heal themselves, so it is important to be well rested.

To find the proper treatment for insomnia, please visit a doctor. Some treatments for insomnia include sticking to a set schedule, behavioral therapy, relaxation training and medication. If you feel that you need a treatment for your insomnia don’t hesitate to consult a professional.